Creating Future
with IMY

Features and charm of IMY

Reliable transactions directly connected to the interbank

1) No requote
2) No contract refusal
3) Zero cut / loss cut
4) Zero cut guarantee
5) License registration available
6) MT4 transaction
7) Up to 200: 1 leverage
8) Industry-leading contract rate

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IMY is a company specializing in forex trading that creates the next history

Although IMY has just been founded, it has acquired (MSB No.:M21899308) in Canada and is developing a business specializing in foreign exchange for the global market, and is highly evaluated in terms of security. With over 100 types of transactions available, we can provide the trading environment that suits your needs.

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We are looking for a partner who can grow together​

At IMY, we are looking for a partner who is growing together.
IB is a partner who maintains a business portfolio and earns weekly rewards from customers and sub-affiliates who refer to IMY.

You can earn up to $ 4 for every 0.4 Pips round trip of your referral customer and 5-10% of the rewards of other referral partners / sub-IBs.
All partners / IBs have access to a partner-specific membership page where they can view performance statistics that they can manage by selecting their own easy-to-read statistics form.

We can flexibly respond to the conditions of partner alliances.
If you have any questions or requests, please contact the following.

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